Set-up for The Marlene Jazz Ensemble

Basic Requirements

The Marlene Jazz Ensemble (4 or 5 piece)

Acoustic bass
Trumpet and/or Guitar

1. Piano- 7’ or 9’ grand piano. (Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin or Kawai), tuned to A-440 day of show, prior to performance, and in between shows. Tuner should be available for touch up after sound check.

2. Jazz Drum Kit- (no preference):
a. Yamaha
b. Sonor
c. Pearl

a. 18" (preferred) or 20" (acceptable) bass drum/ Universal tom tom mount for bass drum
b. 10" tom-tom
c. 12" tom-tom
d. 14" floor tom
e. 14" by 5.5" wood snare with stand
f. Minimum of FOUR cymbal stands
g. One (1) Hi-hat stand
h. Single Bass drum pedal
i. 8’ x 8’ carpet
j. Drum throne with adjustable seat

3. Acoustic upright bass- PROMOTER will provide cartage for bass if ARTIST provides bass, otherwise PROMOTER shall provide: One (1) ¾ or 7/8 double bass (adjustable bridge preferred) and French bow. A microphone on the bass is requested.

4. Bass Amplifier and Cabinet- (in order of preference)
a. SWR
b. Gallien Kruger
c. Fender

5. Microphone- Shure 58 vocal microphone for Ms. Del Rosario and adjustable Boom mic stand to be positioned near the grand piano.

6. Trumpet- Artist shall provide trumpet. A microphone with mic stand for trumpet is requested.

7. Guitar- Artist shall provide guitar.

8.Guitar amp- (in order of preference)
a. M
esa boogie IV,II,III or I
b. Fender Bassman
c. Rivera R55 112

9. Guitar effects
a. Roland jazz chorus
b. Lexicon reverb

10. Monitors- Minimum of 4 monitors with appropriate mixes.